Who We Are

T-Cetra CRM

Since 2007, T-Cetra links wireless carriers/mvno’s to Master Distributors to support activation and prepaid product solutions to the indirect channel.

T-Cetra was the first to launch an “Instant Spiff®” solution to provide faster, reliable compensation to merchants and retailers for wireless activations.

Recently, we launched our VidaPay branded portal to better differentiate our products and services, which include Activations, Domestic, and International Prepaid Wireless Airtime, Pin-less Long Distance and bill payment solutions.

We also provide activation solutions via smartphone based applications and IVR’s for merchants that don’t have access to a terminal or web portal.

T-Cetra Philosophy

To provide fast and efficient activation and replenishment services for our valued clients.

T-Cetra Mission

T-Cetra is focused on simplifying acquisition and product solutions for our customers. We are able to offer multiple products and services with a single sign-on solution whether it’s an on-line portal, smartphone device, terminal or kiosk.

We strive to build, test and launch new products and services that provide profitable revenue streams for our partners.

Our team staff is excited about feedback to modify and improve our programs to support all the retail partners and channels

Our Carriers

Our Portals

We offer two portal solutions. VidaPay is the merchant facing portal to activate and replenish various prepaid products and services. CRM is a back-end portal for Master Agents and ISO’s to track sales, revenue, activations, ACH payments, etc. MA’s also have the ability to price the products directly for their merchants or create tiered pricing structure for their ISO’s and sub-distributors.

T-Cetra CRM


This is a secure HTTPs URL for merchants and retailers to activate no contract products and services. This site also provides multiple reports for the merchants to view including sales and transaction detail.
T-Cetra CRM


This portal allows the Master Agent to review and run reports, track airtime discounts, merchants ACH transactions, SIM upload, merchant activity and multiple other tools to support Master Agents.